Paragon Group

Decades of experience combined with the latest technological and digital innovations mean that we can offer scalable, intermediary solutions, to effectively link businesses and their customers


Our expertise...


Founded in 1985, the Paragon Group has quickly become one of the European leaders in both communication and RFID services.

Having strong external growth since the 2000s means we have developed in different areas, such as printing services, marketing strategy and traceability technologies.

Paragon Group's route has been punctuated by numerous acquisitions of other companies (over 30 in total) during the past 15 years, such as BemroseBooth in 2005, ServicePoint in 2015 and, more recently, ASK in 2017 (now Paragon) and DST.

This constant adaptability to the markets allows the Paragon Group to offer security, value and expertise, using the skills and knowledge of our employees to support our customers throughout their projects.

The three sectors of Paragon Group :

  •  Paragon ID (Traceability, E-ID, Smart cities, RFID and NFC)

  • Paragon Customer Communication Services (Digital media, Customer engagement, Marketing)
  • Paragon Graphic Services (Online solutions, Digital print, Local printshops and supporting services)


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