With our years of expertise Paragon ID’s RFID solutions can help you benefit from the tagging of livestock and food.

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farm animals - tagging livestock and food with RFID tags to track, monitor and store data

RFID helps you to keep track of your livestock at all times...


The use of RFID in the agricultural industry is not a new thing. For years now the tagging of animals like sheep and cows has enabled farmers to have superior traceability, better breeding control, better conservation efforts and, of course, data collection about each and every animal in their herd.

RFID and Livestock

With their years of expertise Paragon ID’s RFID solutions can help you benefit from this asset. And if that’s not enough to entice you then don’t forget that RFID can also play a major role with automated feeding and the weighing and disease management of animals. The tracking capabilities will also enable you to locate a lost animal, and ensure its speedy return to the herd. And all of this is achieved with a simple tag.

Sheep and goat farming, hog and pig farming, equine facilities, poultry and egg production centres, dairy cattle ranching, beef steer ranching, and aquaculture are all areas of the agriculture industry that see the many benefits to be had from Paragon ID’s implementation of RFID.

RFID And Food Production

Agriculture is also about food production of the plant kind; things like wheat, corn and grain farming can also benefit from RFID applications. While you cannot tag each individual seed or grain of corn, you can tag bales of hay, and entire fields of growing produce.

Paragon ID can show you how bales of hay can be tagged with RFID, thus providing you with the knowledge of when it was harvested, the field it was harvested from, the temperature, weight and moisture level of each bale – even providing the nutritional information. Tags, readers and software are the components required and RFID has many qualities that busy farmers and ranchers are looking for: it is non-contact, has a high recognition rate, a large bulk storage memory, secure access and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems with ease.

Data Collection With RFID

Data collection in greenhouses is also possible with specialized RFID tags and readers, specially designed for the warm and humid conditions. Growth time, moisture content, equipment management and even personnel management and employees’ production time can easily be tracked, not to mention access control, allowing only those authorized to be in certain areas to have access to those areas.

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