Paragon ID, key player in the implementation of RFID in the automotive sector

Paragon ID, key player in the implementation of RFID in the automotive sector

GALIA Report : RFID working group in automotive supply chain


GALIA, the non-for-profit organisation that defines standards in the Automotive industry, has announced back in 2017 that the implementation of RFID hasd become a priority. In 2017, GALIA  brought together experts in the field of RFID to share their experiences, learn the latest technologies and take into account existing standards.

2018 has enabled the experts working in this group to progress on identifying the key priorities and the development of new recommendations with the aim of ensuring process and technical interoperability within the automotive industry. 
The outcome? It has been confirmed that RFID actually works and is the best way forward for the industry.  


No fewer than 5 deliverables have been created by the RFID working group:
  • Principle of the implementation of RFID in the automotive supply chain
  • Process for the "logistical workflow of parts between suppliers and customers using RFID"
  • GALIA smart labels ETI9.R (equipped with RFID inlay)
  • "Unit Tracking of Packaging with RFID" process
  • Labeling of plastic packaging with RFID tags


The working group has permitted to highlight the challenges linked to the implementation of the technology and to qualify recommendations. These identify best practices and the vision for processes that are being worked on. They will however also have to integrate the feedback from the tests carried out within a live industrial environment. As such, the nature of the group's tasks will gradually evolve in 2019.
Thanks to its expertise in RFID solutions, Paragon ID, member of GALIA, is an active actor of the RFID implementation working group in the automotive sector.

Visit the GALIA website to access the full report.

Source : GALIA Activity Report 2018


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