UITP's Public Transport Trends Report 2019 – Highlights

UITP's Public Transport Trends Report 2019 – Highlights

Overview of mobility and public transport trends

Ahead of the Global Public Transport Summit which will be held in June in Stockholm, UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, has published its report on public transport trends. In recent years, mobility specialists have mentioned the disruption linked to digitization and the emergence of new players in mobility acting in the public transport market. Digitization can no longer be seen as a disruption, indeed, the public transport sector has today fully embraced these changes as real opportunities for growth, progress and innovation.
"We had previously limited the definition of public transport to mass transit, combining public access and collective use," said UITP Secretary-General Mohamed Mezghani, “in other words, public transport should include all collective and shared modes."
The passengers now at the heart of public transport authorities’ strategies
As public mass transport will remain the backbone around which sustainable mobility solutions will flourish, the multiplicity of complementary solutions makes the passenger transport market more complex.
Public transports encompass an ever-expanding landscape of sustainable urban mobility solutions, and this recently published report aims to address the new challenges and issues that have emerged at this stage.
It has been observed, for example, that the technological innovations have unexpectedly reinforced the importance of the human aspect in public transport.
"As a leader in our industry, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the trends presented in this report. More than ever, the future of our cities rests in part on our ability to redefine public transport with a people-centered mentality, "wrote UITP President Pere Calvet Tordera.
The report is therefore based on an anthropocentric mindset, which sets the direction the sector will take in the future. 
Since the main mission of the public transport sector is to serve the public, the report focuses on the importance and the quality of customer service, the challenges faced by governance to preserve this mission of general interest, while adapting the corporate structure to the new urban mobility market. Finally, we learn how the public transport sector is implementing a cost management solution and managing its financial constraints by exploring new sources of revenue.

UITP Global Public Transport Summit

The 2019 Public Transport Trends Report is a first step towards redefining public transport, but this process does not stop there ... This redefinition will also be pursued at the UITP World Transport Summit in Stockholm (9- June 12, 2019) and will have a dedicated session on this subject. With almost 130 years of history behind it, the UITP Global Public Transport Summit proudly remains the world’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable mobility. Covering all urban and regional transport modes across the globe, the Summit combines a diverse program of leading Congress sessions and an outstanding exhibition full of the latest innovations, solutions and products. 
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Source : UITPsummit.org

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